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Get the Best Loan


I think the most important reason we're preferred by realtors is that we truly care about making sure the loan closes smoothly. This isn't some marketing hype; this is who we are. This caring and desire to do what ever it takes to make the loan happen, permeates everything I do. Every member of our staff was hired with this as their #1 strength as well. - - Carolyn Behrens
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The Behrens Team's "do what ever it takes" attitude with the little things really makes a difference.


The Realtors' Loan Specialists
The Behrens Team helps realtors build a great reputation
by solving their buyers loan headaches


Get the Best Loan


Why realtors prefer the Behrens Team


6 things a loan broker absolutely, positively must have
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Stop mediocre loan brokers from hurting your reputation
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Sorting through the hype, the Behrens Team has risen the bar.
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Increasing your income, #1 method for top realtors
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Why realtors need to be using the Behrens Team for loans
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How is it that the Behrens Team stands above other loan brokers?


Well it's not magic or luck. It's really 4 main components
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the Behrens Team really do care


They work hard with a "do what ever it takes" attitude


The Behrens Team has establish a carefully thought out process to expedite the loan process


the Behrens Team's experience, intelligence and determination find solutions others can't


What others have said about the Behrens Team

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Responds to us quickly and always makes themselves available to our clients and us


Explains things clearly, is very patient, and is a pleasure to work with


Calls and updates me regularly and in doing so avoids the delays


Delivers on time; works well with difficult clients


Gets the job done, and goes the extra mile


I can believe what they tell they, they've always delivered without last minute surprises


When service and reliability count,
Call Carolyn !

Call me anytime! 7 Days a Week!

Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist





24031 El Toro Rd., Suite 304
Laguna Hills CA 92653

California Dept. of Real Estate, Broker # 01309583

Loan approval is not guaranteed.
And is subject to verification of specific
information that is requested at time of application.