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Let's explore these 6 points a loan broker needs to have.

Get the Best Loan

Carolyn Behrens meets all 6 criteria,
                        does your current loan broker?

Always available
You work long hours, and sometimes you need answers about a buyer on weekends and in the evening. You can reach Carolyn on her cell phone, and she has access to credit reports 24/7
Low rates and fees for your buyer's loan. lenders
Carolyn has preferred status and lower rates with Top Lenders. Loan brokers have some discretion in what they charge. Carolyn is more competitive because she has her own office, which allows her to take more control over pricing, and she prefers to make less money on each loan. Carolyn's found that giving buyers a lower cost gives her more business. Although many loan brokers tend to gouge borrowers, Carolyn can earn a good living by being fair with the buyer
High ethical standards, a loan broker you can trust
Carolyn has high ethical standards, in an industry noted for misleading information; you need a loan broker you can trust, someone who won't mislead your buyer.
Their work ethic must be phenomenal.
Carolyn's work ethic is phenomenal. You want your loans to close on time. You don't want excuses, you want them to make sure your loans happen, and take the worry out of the loan closing.
Broker who has lenders competing for your buyer
Carolyn has a number of lenders competing to get your buyer the best rate. Access to over 250 lenders all competing for your buyer's business, means more savings to your buyers. The best lender changes each week. Lenders get backed up, or aren't as competitive, we let the market determine who is the best lender at the time.
A loan broker who really cares
Carolyn truly is a loan broker who really cares, and does what it takes to make you and the buyer happy

The bottom line is that I do what it takes to make your loan happen.

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Carolyn Behrens
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