The Behrens Team
The Realtor's Loan Specialists

Carolyn Behrens

Sorting through the hype,

why some loan brokers are better than others

Loan brokers, in general, have a poor reputation.
the Behrens Team has risen the bar.

Here are specifics that explain why the Behrens Team is different

Get the Best Loan

State-of-the-art technology combined with the best in personalized service

Fast closings:
The Behrens Team can close a loan in 2 weeks when they get a quick appraisal. The Behrens Team uses technology to dramatically speed up the loan process. And they've identified a couple dozen to the biggest problems that occur with a loan including escrow mistakes. Then they set up procedures that anticipates these problems happening and gets them fixed before they occur. Clearly, this makes for a much smoother, faster loan process.

Faster Processing:
Control of the timing of loan submissions and loan document orders is critical to the timeliness of loan closings. The processors work for them and they have control of the processing

Fannie Mae On-line Approvals:
Wholesale Lenders offer better rates and programs from which to qualify your clients. All of her lenders accept Fannie Mae DU approvals. They have access to this online approval network 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your client is approved on-line and credit report is complete before the loan is ever submitted to the Lender. Obviously, No More Guesswork on you're clients qualifying for the loan.

Keeps you updated:
You'll receive faxes notifying you at all the key steps in the loan process at DU approval, when appraisal received, when lender conditions received, (this is next key step & indicates loan progressing), and then when escrow has docs

The Behrens Team really does care about each buyer
but it's much more than that. They've found that most loans have problems. the Behrens Team defines their job as making sure these problems get solved, even it's someone else's fault, and they make sure it's dealt with, because they want the loan to close smoothly.

The Behrens Team's "do what ever it takes" attitude with the little things really do make a difference.

A lot of times closing gets delayed because of little things, have you ever had escrow say they can't get the buyers in to sign docs, the Behrens Team will have one of their staff go out to the buyer and get it done. Or maybe escrow can't get loan docs to the lender before the noon cutoff to fund, the Behrens Team will have one of their staff go out to escrow and get it to the lender.

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