Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist

Low rates and fees. Better than online or direct lenders
Lower rates and fees for your loan. Carolyn has preferred status and lower rates with Top Lenders. Loan brokers have some discretion in what they charge. Carolyn is more competitive because she has her own office, which allows her to take more control over pricing, and she prefers to make less money on each loan. Carolyn's found that giving borrowers a lower cost gives her more business. Although many loan brokers tend to gouge borrowers, Carolyn can earn a good living by being fair with the borrower

Since borrowers don't know any of lender sources, they make a choice at random, or they go looking for a "great rate". They get a "great rate", but it turns out they get misled with higher fees, points, higher actual rate, or prepayment penalties. Or they go to a local bank that takes 60 days for a 30-day escrow.

Get the Best Loan

Since borrowers don't know the pitfalls, this can hurt the borrower. Buying a home is a major decision; you haven't made a purchase in years, so you don't know what to do. Why put yourself in the position of being a loan expert, this just creates anxiety at a stressful time

You were referred to Carolyn by someone who wants you to be happy, Carolyn has the choice of hundreds of lenders. Each borrower has different needs, qualifying requirements, down payment requirements and credit history. Certainly Carolyn's loan consultation will help you choose the best lender, and have these lenders competing to get you the best rates.

How do you know who will really get you the best rates?

Use a loan broker that claims the offer best rates, but has no risk if they mislead you.
Use Carolyn who has a lot of top realtors telling you she is your best option.

These realtors and Carolyn have their reputations on the line.

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Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist

When service and reliability count,
Call Carolyn!

Call me anytime! 7 Days a Week!
Office Phone: 949-916-9282 Fax: 949-916-9337

Taj Mahal Building
24031 El Toro Rd., Suite 320, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
California Dept. of Real Estate, Broker # 01050210