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Success is not measured in one or two successful stories, but rather in a record of consistent performance over a long period of time, and so it is with Carolyn. She has always been able to perform whatever the odds were against a particular situation: bad credit, no credit, BK, problems with ownership, problems with title, 1031 Exchanges not just right, time running out, time has run out, and so many more that very few of us would even know about. Carolyn has always performed. She returns calls, she always manages to calm an otherwise nervous client, she explains everything properly to the client, and GETS IT DONE. Is there anything else to say? Well, yes, Carolyn is the paradigm of what a loan officer should be. Long may she be here to help.
Murray Lawishaw
If you want a sale and need expert care in financing, Carolyn will make it happen. She can find a loan to suit your client's needs. She has the experience and track record to ensure a smooth transaction. I refer all my clients to Carolyn Behrens.
Nancy Parker
Fantastic lady. Always there to help and consummate a sale. Always there to follow through immediately. I could not recommend her more to anyone. She is terrific. It's a pleasure to work with her.
Anne Gilbert
Carolyn Behrens has been a savior to several of our clients, who without her tenacity and creativity would never have qualified for a loan. The recently introduced gift loan program has made it possible for several clients to purchase a home. Carolyn responds to us quickly and always makes herself available to our clients and us. She explains things clearly, is very patient, and is a pleasure to work with. Carolyn closes on time, is always available to work with clients to put the loan together, and submit it in a timely manner. We know we can count on Carolyn to get the job done, and done right!
Andy and Lori Brannen
Carolyn knows her work and can work wonders. I could not have done it without her, and I will refer her with high praises to any of my agents
Michelina Calderaro
I enjoy working with Carolyn. She gets things done. She calls and updates me regularly and in doing so avoids the delays that can come about. She's always available to me and my clients
Allyson Abbott
Professional, capable, accessible. She delivers on time; works well with difficult clients; provides the most comprehensive service for loans. Excellent communicator
Evelyn Hall
If I need an answer from her about any loan issue she always quickly responds to me. This makes me efficient to my clients.
Joanne Evanoff
Carolyn is always available 24/7 to handle any & all lending needs. She is courteous and professional at all times. My clients and I have been very satisfied with her service. She has handled many of my clients with patience and understanding. This type of service is necessary when working with any clients, but especially when working with seniors.
Penny Levers
Pro-active, gets the job done, known for follow through results, has high level of professional esteem within the real estate community
Dale Holm, Your Escrow
When I think of my dealings with Carolyn Behrens, the following comes to mind: professional, trustworthy, dependable. I appreciate the fact that I can believe what she tells me, and she has always delivered what she has promised, without any last minute surprises.
Steve Saltz

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Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist

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