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Avoid Fall-Out With An After-Sale Checklist

Be alert for developments that might ruin a transaction. Address problems quickly and professionally. Stay organized with this checklist:

[ ] All copies of accepted offer ( and counter-offers) signed by all parties. Copies of each delivered to all parties.

[ ] Buyer's loan application delivered to the lender.

[ ] All contingencies, if any, cleared.

[ ] Legal description of property sent to lender and to the person processing the paperwork.

[ ] Inspections ordered promptly? (Termite, roof, mechanical)

[ ] All repairs required by the agreement ordered? Completed? Who is responsible for each item? Are the sellers making timely arrangements to move out?

[ ] Loan approval.

[ ] New fire insurance obtained by buyer.

[ ] Preliminary report of title, if required. Ordered? Received? Any problems?

[ ] Have escrow instructions (or similar document in your state) been signed and returned?

[ ] Have buyers deposited down-payment into escrow or other account?

Add items to this list. Being organized will help you solve problems, not create them.

To Your Success,

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