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Take Care of Your Assistant's Needs

As you know, job satisfaction is very important to productivity. Pay attention to the needs that motivate your team members and you will help them be more effective. Different people have different needs, so get to know what motivates each of your assistants. The following list will steer you in the right direction:

Achievement: An important motivater is the satisfaction of doing a good day's work. Train your assistants well so they have the skills to successfully complete their projects and they will be far more content.

Recognition of Achievement: Praise and other forms of recognition go a long way toward ensuring loyalty. It takes only a minute to make someone feel appreciated.

Work Itself: The nature of the work that someone does contributes to or decreases their contentment at work. When you delegate, be sure to carefully match the nature of the task to the nature of the person to whom it is assigned.

Responsibility: People thrive on new projects and the responsibility for their completion. Give as much responsibility as possible, which, of course, frees up your time.

Advancement: It is important to move people up the ladder in terms of status and income. Do this periodically and you will build loyalty and commitment.

Growth Potential: Many people are motivated by the opportunity to take on greater challenges. One way you could further an assistant's personal growth would be to encourage him/her to study for a real estate license, assuming s/he is unlicensed.

Sometimes a reminder is all we need to make us aware of people's needs.


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