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How To Make Big Bucks In The '2000's

According to Mike Ferry, a top real estate sales trainer, to make big bucks in real estate in the 2000's, you must:

1. Use an assistant extensively and learn to delegate.

2. Use a personal computer for everything, from prospecting to follow-up. Delegate its use and/or learn to use it yourself.

3. Plan to designate ten percent of your income to personal promotion: brochures, flyers, farming gifts, newspaper ads, etc. Gotta do it!

4. Spend 90% of your time on listing, not on selling.

5. Spend no time with relocation buyers. He believes they are time-consuming prospects who often can't decide where they want to live.

6. Control your buyers. Establish control by setting goals, asking questions, and developing a strong attitude. Find out what they are looking for; give it to them, and then encourage them to act once you have given it to them.

7. Stop sanctioning incompetence in the people around you. Refuse to let people run you around. Insist that your company use aggressive forms of marketing.

8. Shoot for higher production levels. Set your sights on 50 transactions in the next year.

9. Believe in yourself 100% of the time. Earl Nightingale once said, "You become what you think about."

10. Focus on transactions, not money. The more transactions you do, the more money you will make. A transaction is defined as a listing taken, a listing sold, or a sale made.

Sometimes a reminder is all we need to get charged up! I hope Mike Ferry's advice helps you reach new levels of production!

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