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Getting Yourself Noticed In Your Farm

I'm assuming you already send a newsletter to your farm at least once every month or two.

Here is a strategy proposed by Pete Silver in The Marketing Communications Report.

Use the following three media-relations techniques on a regular basis:

Publish a trend watch. Keep your finger on the pulse of your farm and relate it to homeowners in the area. Are homes selling faster or more slowly? Are prices rising, falling, or staying the same? Show people how you and your company are reacting to various trends and performing well no matter which way the market moves.

Provide a fact sheet. Fact sheets summarize a lot of brief news items onto one page. Include information on real estate and economic trends, such as: local developments, housing starts, interest rates, bank CD rates, auctions, etc.

Offer a case history. Nothing sells like success, so tell a success story. Describe a client's problem and describe how you helped solve it. Make it real, down-to-earth, and a problem that everyone can relate to.

Find newsworthy events to report. The news should be about people in your farm, not about people in your industry. People in your farm do not care if Joe Smith is the new manager of your office. They do care about their neighbors' promotions, babies, plans to move, or good fortune in winning the lottery.

Think like a public relations writer. If you have the time, get a book on PR writing. It will help! Let me know if I can serve as a resource for you. I'd be happy to help out.


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