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Work Only With Highly Motivated Buyers

One way to maximize your time is to categorize your buyers into "A's" and "B's." Doing so will allow you to target your market and work primarily with "A" buyers. Begin by finding out why your buyers are in the market. What are their buying time-frames? Assess their sense of urgency.

"A"-buyers have a definite time-frame and strong sense of urgency. They may have sold their present home at a gain and need to reinvest for tax purposes. Perhaps they are starting a job in the area or getting married. Whatever the reason, find out what it is.

"B"-buyers have less urgency. They may be interested in moving up or down and may just be window-shopping. They have less pressure to buy and, therefore, will be far less likely to be decisive. If you find the perfect house for a "B" buyer, however, they can be turned into "A" buyers. Try to make that happen.

Turn "B"-buyers into "A"-buyers! Increase your buyers' commitments by:

Asking questions to uncover any sense of urgency, then capitalizing on it; Informing the buyers of favorable conditions in the local real estate market; Showing them how much more of a house they can afford with today's lower interest rates (if relevant); Asking them to describe their dream home, in detail; Finding the sellers' dream home and getting them excited about buying it.

Do not give up on "B" buyers, but put most of your time and effort into targeting "A" buyers.

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