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Contact Neighbors To An Open House

A large percentage of property sold is purchased by a neighbor. It pays, therefore, to contact the neighbors to an open house. Use the criss-cross directory and call as many neighbors as you can. Be upbeat and don't be afraid to use humor, as in, "We'll be serving coffee and cookies, so, if for no other reason, stop by and have a snack on us!"

Use the following script, or a variation, to get started:

"Mrs. _____________, this is (your name) with (your company). I'm an assistant working with (your Realtor's name)."

"We are holding an open house on Sunday between (hours). It will be right around the corner from you. I thought I'd let you know about it in case you have a friend or relative who is thinking of moving in the near future. He or she might want to look at this lovely house to see if it is right for them. Do you know anyone who is thinking of moving soon?" (If the answer is yes, ask permission to contact that person.)

"Another reason you might be interested in this open house is to compare it to your own. Perhaps you have thought about moving. Taking a look at this home would give you a means of comparison and an idea of the potential value of your home."

"Can we look forward to seeing you there? (If the answer is no, you can end with): That's okay, if you do find the time, feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee and some cookies. They're on the house!"

After the open house, it is important to use the guest log to follow up on the people who signed in. Send Thank You notes and brochures, make phone calls, uncover needs, establish credibility, build trust, nurture relationships, and make people happy.

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