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Get Into The Habit of Being Proactive

Steven Covey, in his best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, contends that proactivity is a key habit for business, emotional, personal, spiritual*all kinds of success. Proactive people take responsibility for their lives. Their behavior is a function of their decisions, not of external conditions. Proactive people take the initiative and responsibility for making things happen.

It is inspiring and motivating to realize the value of proactivity and the empowerment that it creates. Covey contends that your attitudes and behaviors flow out of your internal model of how you think the world should be. The language you use every day reveals a lot about your image of yourself as a proactive person. The language of reactive people absolves them from responsibility. It stems from a model of determinism; i.e., their actions are caused by a sequence of causes and effects that have nothing to do with their free will. To get into the habit of thinking proactively, start by becoming aware of your choice of words and how they affect your attitudes. This chart will give you some valuable insight:

Reactive Language Proactive Language
Reactive Language Proactive Language
"There's nothing I can do." "Let's look at our alternatives."
"That's just the way I am." "I can choose a different approach."
"He makes me so mad." "I control my own feelings."
"They won't allow that." "I can create an effective presentation."
"I have to do that." "I will choose an appropriate response."
"I can't..." "I choose..."
"I must..." "I prefer..."
"If only..." "I will..."

With this awareness, you can begin to change your language, your actions, and your company's success.

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