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Create A Client Profile

Mark Sheer, in his book, Referrals, highly recommends that you develop a client profile. The purpose is to help you identify: 1) your client base, 2) services you can offer, 3) referral sources, and 4) strategies and time-frames for contacting prospects. The following sample profile will clarify:

· My clients are people who...

· Have recently retired or are planning to retire

· Are getting a divorce or have recently divorced.

· Are paying too much in taxes and need a shelter

· Recently had a baby or will soon have one (may want a larger home, first home, need cash, debt consolidation or life insurance.)

· Are planning to get married or just got married

· Received a job promotion or new job; must relocate

· Have children who recently left the nest; may need a smaller home.

Now that your imagination is stimulated, brainstorm a client profile on a separate piece of paper. Next week I will show you how to use your client profile when asking for referrals.

I encourage you to put some time into this. I know this strategy will work for you.


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