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Use a Home Sellers Kit to get Referrals

In T. Scott Gross's book "Positively Outrageous Service" he talks about how the unusual little extras that we do for our customers can yield huge dividends in the form of referrals. The idea is to have the little extra you do for you customer be unusual and impactful enough so as to make it a decent topic of conversation. If it's good conversation material you've just increased your chances of getting a referral a hundred fold. Here is an idea that can have that type of impact on your listing clients.

Put together a "Home Sellers Kit" to give people when they list with you. Include the following items plus whatever else you feel is appropriate for the clients particular situation. Include little notes with each item to explain how to use it and what benefit it will have as well as little instructional notes on preparing their home to sell.

· A couple of packages of 100 watt light bulbs; a bright home looks larger, cleaner and more inviting.

· Having the carpets cleaned is always a good idea; take it a step further, or save the money, and have the client leave several pairs of shoes just inside the front door. This implies they won't wear shoes in the house and that they're meticulous about their home.

· Boxes to take everything not absolutely necessary (i.e. winter or summer apparel) out of the closets so as to make it appear they have an abundance of closet space.

· A package of ready made cookie dough; suggest they pop a few cookies on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven whenever you're bringing over a hot prospect. The smell of fresh baking cookies will conjure up a lot of great memories of what a home should be, after all a home is an emotional purchase so we need to trigger those emotions.

· Most people keep curtains, blinds and drapes closed for privacy, have them open them all up to make the house look larger and brighter before you show their home.

These things may or may not help sell their home but the creativity and thought behind them will leave a lasting impression on the people and I can tell you from experience that these little things will get them talking about you to their friends and co-workers (especially the cookies). Take this concept and personalize it with your own unique home preparation ideas. It costs almost nothing and the more you get your clients involved in the sale of their home the more they'll think you're doing to sell their home.

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