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The Value of Benefits Statements

Sales trainers in every industry emphasize the importance of staying on the same wavelength as prospects. To do so, Tony Alessandra, author of Non-Manipulative Selling, recommends the use of benefits summaries in every phase of the sales process.

The benefits summary puts into capsule form the highlights of the home you have just shown. It is an opportunity to 1) ask for feedback and 2) help prospects remember the most important points.

Always focus your benefits summaries on the positive aspects to which your prospects have given the highest priority. Of course, this requires you to do a great job of information-gathering.

Remember the primary-latency effect. The benefits that are most important should be mentioned first and last. They will be remembered the most.

The language of a benefits summary is simple: "Mr. Rush, we've talked about many wonderful aspects of this home. Let me summarize what I see as the key benefits for you."

At the end of your summary, give your prospect the opportunity to agree, disagree, or ask questions. Once agreement has been expressed, buying signals should turn green.

Follow up with a question with direction: "Mr. Rush, this home has everything you are looking for. Do you see any reason not to make an offer today?

I am confident that you will find benefit summaries enhance the sales process tremendously.

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