Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist

Carolyn is a loan broker you can trust

Carolyn has high ethical standards, in an industry noted for misleading information; you need someone who won't mislead your buyer.

The best way to determine who to trust is to listen to independent 3rd parties.
This website has a number on top realtors giving you their opinon of Carolyn. Does any other lender option give you this kind of 3rd party verifation?

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Carolyn Behrens
Loan Specialist

When service and reliability count,
Call Carolyn!

Call me anytime! 7 Days a Week!
Office Phone: 949-916-9282 Fax: 949-916-9337

Laguna Hills Civic Center Building
24031 El Toro Rd., Suite 320, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
California Dept. of Real Estate, Broker # 01050210